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Love Letters from Heaven


My name is Dawn Rene'e, founder of Love Letters from Heaven. I was inspired to write Love Letters from Heaven after my grandma stepped into eternity, leaving behind her 4 children, their spouses and families. I had comfort in knowing and believing Grandma and I would meet again, but seeing the pain in her children’s eyes pushed me to search the scriptures for the truth about heaven.

Christmas 2015 I sent her children a black and white signed copy of A Love Letter from Heaven. Even though my heart broke right along with theirs, my Aunt seemed to be stuck at goodbye ever since the day my grandma left us 19 months earlier. After receiving A Love Letter from Heaven she seemed to bounce back with the assurance that one day she will be united with her Mother again for eternity in Heaven.

I knew God had inspired me to write this letter but I had many questions… Why me? What is my part in all of this? As I crawled into bed that night with all these questions dancing around in my head, I had a dream...

There was a drafting board and there I saw Jesus laying out all the plans. I heard his voice say, “My Letters will be written in gold foil. Each Letter will arrive in a foil-lined envelope and be sealed with a seal of authenticity”. 

These are His Letters, not mine. I work for Him. Our vision is to bring hope to the broken-hearted and to remind us that Jesus died so we can live. Our situation is only temporary, and if we find the Narrow Path, it will lead us all back together again one day.

Dawn Renee, Founder

Dawn Rene'e


I am a wife to the man I fell in love with over 32 years ago. Yes, Chad and I are high school sweethearts. We are truly blessed with three amazing children. Casey Shane is 30, Courtney Blain is 28, and Corey Dain who is 18. Courtney and Jacob have blessed us with two beautiful grandsons, Carson and Chase, who call us Glammi and Papa. Their little family will grow in love and joy, come May 2018. We all live in the same small town, where roots grow deep and everyone knows your name. Our roots go 5 generations deep here. It’s a small town nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.